FIND YOUR MAMA GROOVE: From Best Selling Author, Joanna Hunt
If being a Mom wasn't challenging enough... 
Covid-19 has thrown fuel on the family fire! Reclaim your groove - today! 
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“Jo is an Angel. She has a unique ability to hold an incredible space for mothers to explore themselves. I cannot recommend her highly enough. x” 

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Get Your Free Copy Of "Find Your Mama Groove"! 
Hey – these times are extraordinary times to be a mother. 

Infact I doubt there has ever been a time in human history when so much is demanded from you as a Mother.
It's no suprise you feel burnout
The kids used to go to school whilst you worked but suddenly you are expected to educate, work, be a wife or Partner and, o yeah…be a Mom! 

It is no surprise then that Mothers are coming to me saying they feel burned out, overwhelmed and have lost their groove.
I've been there, done that, got the burnout t-shirt
I resonate with this on a deep level having worked and cared for thousands of others all my life as a councilor and then yoga teacher, burning out and going through years of development, working out my own methodology so as a Conscious Family Coach I could support working with thousands of Mama’s just like you all over the world find their groove again.
I was determined that motherhood for me and you was going to be a positive and uplifting experience.
It just takes 5 steps to a balanced, happy and connected life and family
And that’s why I wrote, the now best selling book, “Find Your Mama Groove” which takes you through the 5 steps to a balanced, happy and connected life and family.
Right now I want you to have this book for free…. and here's why I'm doing it. 

I'd like you to read this book cover to cover, and then do me a favour, help spread the word, tell all your mama friends, email your mama database and tell them your honest thoughts about this book. 

We have them right here in our warehouse but when those copies are gone, this opportunity is gone.
You could go to Amazon right this minute and get this book for around $20 and you can read all the five star reviews or you can fill out the information on this page right now. And I will ship this book to you.
I hope you accept this gift
The paperback as I say is for free, I've already paid for it. All I ask is that you cover the shipping and handling and to do that and if you do that I have some more bonuses for you so that you take action towards a thriving, balanced life today!
....and these gifts too
To help me get this book out to tens of thousands of Mama’s just like yourself, I will also include 2x yoga trainings for busy Moms and a special mediation. 

You’ll get an invite to that. 

And lastly, my family care passionately that we leave our environment in a more positive state then when we found it..... so we will plant a tree for every book we send out which aligns with our mission to plant a million trees in the next 10 years.
So this all you need to do
So what you need to do right now is fill out the information on this page. 

Let me ship you the book I already paid for it. 

You cover the shipping and handling, get all the bonuses, plant a tree and see for yourself the changes you can instantly make.
If you want your sanity back, don't be insane!
Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.
If you want to go from burnout to balance and fully find your Mama groove then it’s about taking action now. 

I want to give you this capability so you can go out and be your best version of yourself.

I'm Joanna Hunt - hurry up and grab this book before it's gone.
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saying about Find Your Mama Groove!
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  •  Free "Find Your Mama Groove" Paperback (Value - $17)
  •  Free Digital Copy of "Find Your Mama Groove" (Value - $9)
  • ​Meditation For Busy Moms (Value - $9)
  • Active Yoga Flow For Busy Moms (Value - $19)
  • Relaxing Yoga Flow For Busy Moms (Value - $19)
  • Access to my private facebook group (Value - $297)
  • We plant a tree (Value - PRICELESS!)
  • Total (Value - $370)
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